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Wednesday Nights 6pm-7:15pm

It All began with Jesus study may be different from any study you’ve seen. We want you to get to know Jesus. Jesus is throughout the entire Bible. Not just the ones that cover the span of his 33 years. Not even just the New Testament. We want you to see that and really get to know Him. Each day you will have one chapter of the BIble to read. We begin with one from the New Testament. Then we read one that relates to that chapter in the Old Testament. We call that a cross reference. There are hints of the Old Testament all throughout the New. That’s because God planned for Jesus all along. He gave hints of the need for Jesus and prophecies of his coming all through time. In this study, we hope that you see the need for all mankind to know Jesus and in your study, you grow to become more like Him. You can begin this study on any day. It is meant to do alone or be discussed with a group. It is meant to help you grow in your own faith as well as help your family grow closer to Him. Jesus is the foundation of it all. Special Sections Including: 25 Day Advent Study/47 Day Lent Study.

Read each days Bible reading and answer the questions then meet with a group Wednesday nights to discuss. Even if you don't have a chance to read still join us!

Contact Pastor Jimmy or a Deacon to join a home group or the church group.

Get your copy of "It All Began With Jesus" below!


Hills of Grace Fellowship

Let us exalt His name together.

Psalm 34:3

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